Devonshire Desserts

Devonshire Desserts is the latest family member of the long standing artisan Bakery and luxury dessert Manufacturer Country Style Foods. Our skilled desserts chefs, based in Okehampton, Devon have come up with a range of scrumptious puddings inspired by timeless classics.

Using key British ingredients: dairy cream, free range eggs and cream cheese, Devonshire Desserts aim to support their own community and that of their British Suppliers. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives are used.

A creamy banoffee pie with gooey toffee sauce offers an opportunity to indulge, while the warm and comforting syrup sponge pudding is a great solution for hungry youngsters. This family range offers great taste and responsibly sourced ingredients whilst aiming at an affordable price point.

Our desserts are frozen to capture the Devonshire taste locking in the goodness and are perfect to share with family and friends.

Devonshire Desserts
Part of the Country Style Family
Devonshire Desserts - Made in Okehampton, Glorious Devon

Devonshire Desserts Limited Registered in England Company Number 7423753